Where solution are made in Plastic

Dania Plastic completes the injection molds service as a sub-contractor of the injection molding, for costumers which produces through her the mold or clients that also send us them molds for all them needs of production.

Dania Plastic, plastic injection products while managing, supporting and monitoring the production process in order to ensure product quality and schedules, which are sometimes dictated in advance by the clients and are very important.

There is a wide range of types of plastic for manufacturing plastic injection parts.

Plastic injection molding is the preferred process for manufacturing plastic parts. Injection molds are used of create many thing such as Bottle caps, Car Gasket, Guns rifle cartridge, Dental capsules, Alarm systems, Medical equipment, toys and games, auto spare parts, house wares, musical instruments, food, confectionary and electronic housing.

Plastic types differ in their properties: strength, flexibility, weight, density, food grade, heat immunity, abrasion resistance, accuracy, etc.

We manufacture plastic injection parts in a variety of raw materials as:-

ABS, PP polypropylene, PC polycarbonate, PE polyethylene, Transparent ABS/TABS, POM, PS polystyrene, PVC, Nylon, PA Polyamide, Acryl, PMMA.

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