• Polycarbonate Cups and Trays

We offer our Premium products.

A line of hospitality solutions

Indoor/Outdoor Drinkware.

Take advantage of our Cups and Trays made of strong plastic.

The perfect balance between durability, elegance and quality.

Unbreakable Drinkware

  • Polycarbonate Elegant Drinkware.
  • Range of styles and sizes.
  • Unique, Strong and Light weight.
  • Ideal where glass can’t be used.
  • Safer than glass and reusable (unbreakable drinkware).
  • Dishwasher safe and scratch resistant.
  • Wine, Martini, Beer, Shot, Hi-Balls, Low Ball, Mug, Tray, Pitcher, etc.
  • Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Events and Promotional use in Pubs, Club, Beach, Swimming Pool, Hotels,
  • Restaurants, Beer Festivals, etc.
  • Recyclable and Food approved.
  • Personalized with your logo or branding message.
  • Choice of color or transparent.
  • Drinkware can be manufactured in a variety of materials as needed.

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