About Dania Plastic

With over 40 years of experience in plastic injection molding, Dania Plastic Parts LTD is a leading force in setting the tone for the shape of things to come. Specializing in engineering high quality plastic raw materials and manufacturing plastic parts and products, Dania Plastic Parts, exports its goods across the globe, With a staff of over 25 employees that includes a highly skilled management team and plastics engineers, Dania Plastic Parts has gained a reputation for strict attention to design and detail. Combine this with Dania Plastic 24 hour-a-day operation, its precision production scheduling, plus on-time delivery, and you have the one company capable of injecting expertise into all your required products.

We offer our client customer service plastic injection molds, plastic injection of products and quality unequaled in the industry.

Our client benefit is direct cost pricing, complete quality control and technical expertise over 40 years.

Each job is approached with the same level of expertise and attention for the highest, in the most effective way.

We specialize in making molds with specialty steels, at hardness that maximizing production effacing (lead & cycle time) and given you an hard mold for many years of using, In wide range of material selection.

The purpose of Dania Plastic Parts is built on a high level of repeat business. We work closet with our clients becoming an integral part of their team with the same goals.

Please browse around our website for more information, or contact us if you have any questions.